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Summer Gratitude

I hope you are enjoying your summer and staying safe. I'm Zoomed out but this is the way of the world now. How are you staying present with family, friends and your purpose?

I enjoy reading and I hope you enjoy reading my poems. If you haven't purchased my book yet, Freedom Knows My Name is available 1) at your local bookstore (have them order it and shipped to the store for pickup) 2) (I will sign it) and 3) Amazon.

Thank you for supporting me and artists especially during these difficult economic times.

Gratitude is one way I achieve balance in life. What are you grateful for this summer?


Take a moment to check out a few things I've done lately and what I'm working on in the future.

Let's continue the journey together.


What You've Missed

Sidewalk Signing at Blue Cypress Bookstore on Oak Street in New Orleans. Although there were spots of rain, I was able to sell books on site and through pre-orders. Thank you!


Watch my conversation with former executive director of Ashé Culture Arts Center with Carol Bebelle. Sponsored by the Louisiana Endowment for Humanities.


What's Coming Up

Fridays July 16 at 23 from 4-5pm

Join home for a poetry workshop on revision.

The Inkubator Conference is Free. See all the class offerings here:


Honored to be joining an amazing roster of writers at the New Orleans Book Festival October 21-23.


I'll be working on a project that I will tell you more about soon. Happy to join this cohort of phenomenal women in Louisiana that are making a difference in their community. #SheLeads #PowerCoalition



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