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The Truth Shall Set You Free or Make Others Mad...

In 2018, I wrote an article on Dr. Pinkie Gordon Lane for LEH’s 64 Parish Magazine called: I Never Scream: The Quiet Poems and Powerful Legacy of Pinkie Gordon Lane.


Dr. Lane is the first Black Poet Laureate of the State of Louisiana.


In 2022, A book titled Black Women Writers of Louisiana: Telling Their Stories was published.


The book is a collection of biographical profiles of Black women writers including Dr. Lane, to Brenda Marie Osbey, Dr. Mona Lisa Saloy to Jesmyn Ward.


The entry on Dr. Pinkie Gordon Lane is called: Pinkie Gordon Lane: A Quiet Pioneer.


In December 2023, while researching something for another project, I stumbled upon this book that includes a profile on Dr. Lane. As I began reading, I was stunned by how much it sounded like my 2018 article for the Lousiana Endowment for Humanities.


In a 7-page legal document sent to History Press and Ann Dobie, my legal representation addresses multiple issues. See excerpts from my attorney below: