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Water. Words. Wakanda.

Thank you to everyone who expressed concern for my safety as two hurricanes approached Louisiana.

Although, my family and I are safe, I encouraged you to help and pray for those who are have been impacted by the Hurricanes Marco and Laura.

April 29th marks the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Watch a presentation I did at a 2017 Zora Neale Hurston Symposium called: Black Love: A Sustaining Force Post-Katrina below:

Thanks to All Who Watched:

the instagram chat with Know NOLA Tours on 8/20

and Poets & Writers Facebook Katrina #15 Remembrance on 8/26.


I have a limited number of books I can sign personally right now due to social distancing.

If you want an autographed book, please order from the website while there is inventory. Otherwise, you'll have to purchase from Amazon and try to catch me for signature later.

Want the some audio poems instead of the book? Subscribe to my website and you will get access to an audio album with three bonus poems not in the book.

*NOTE: If you ordered a book, some deliveries are slower than others with all the postal service issues and hurricane impacts--depends on where the book is being shipped.

Check out my interview with Chris Romaguera at

What's Next for Freedom Knows My Name?

  • Booked for two upcoming podcasts. Stay tuned.

  • A virtual reading in October.

  • Participation in two virtual literary conferences.

Have you heard the inspired Spotify Playlist

for Freedom Knows My Name?

Be safe. Be Loving ... until Next time ...

--Kelly (

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