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I am an ARTrepreneur. 

Writing is my personal, social and professional practice. Writing can be used to develop a greater sense of self, community and wellness. I partner with people, organizations and projects that center writing as a creative tool for transformative solutions.  I am uniquely positioned as a poet to see, write and inspire. 


I'm a poet, a literary artist and curator.  In addition to books and literary journals,  I have written poems for projects and organizations, recorded as a voice over artist, served as a sensitive reader, editor and more. . 


 Community and culture engagement  is an extension of not only my creative work but my passion for transformative work through creative collaboration.


By leveraging years of experience in the arts and non-profit organizations, KHD Communications delivers a range of expert solutions and a diverse portfolio. However, creativity never takes a back seat.

"It was my great pleasure and privilege to work with Kelly Harris-DeBerry on a THNOC project designed to resurrect Civil War–era conversations between New Orleans activist poets who published in Afro-Creole newspapers. A video that featured her riveting reading of the new poem she contributed received thanks and praise from a nationwide audience and ultimately won an award. Her skill and generosity as a professional poet and performer were crucial to the success of this important project."


Margit Longbrake, Senior Editor, The Historic New Orleans Collection

"My poem was accepted for publication after workshopping it with Kelly." 

— Laura Evers, Poetry Student 

"Positively overwhelmed by the empathetic nature in which KHD Communications assessed and supported our needs.  Equally impressed by the strict adherence to timelines and deliverables as promised.  We are very grateful to have been met with such generosity and  wide range of knowledge and expertise that has moved our organization forward."

— Tiffany Powell, 

Pyramid Community Parent

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