I am unapologetic about threading Black aesthetics into my formal training as a writer.

I publish via print, performance, audio, video and breath. I am a mixed-media literary artist. My primary genre is poetry. I've also written blues, songs, prayers, rap, nursery rhymes, essays, and articles. I am fascinated with language—its rhythm, the way it sounds, the way it looks, the way it functions in culture/society. As a poet, I am always exploring language possibilities on and off the page. Motherhood completely changed my approach to writing because I was able to witness firsthand the beginning of a person's language journey. Words come to us through movement and sound first. I try (and fail sometimes) to make play/improvisation a tool to free my hands on the page.  In grad school, I was criticized heavily for writing by ear. Today I feel it is one of my writing superpowers. 

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Congo Square: Sustaining the

Sacred Post-Katrina

Words & Music Festival: Black Joy & Justice

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